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We hope this finds you well and we thank you for your patience and flexibility during the temporary closure of YMCA Kirkham. Losing such a popular and historic centre has been a big blow to the community.

Please be assured it has always been the collective aim with our partners to keep you informed with any significant updates and ensure the reinstatement works at YMCA Kirkham are completed as quickly and as safely as possible.

As you will be aware from our last update, we gave you an approximate timeframe of a summer reopening, and as work progressed we would be able to give you a more concrete timeframe.

In addition to the obvious damage to the roof, our contractors have said that there has also been considerable damage to the mechanical and electrical elements of the building. We have therefore been in long conversations with our insurers about how to proceed with the further repairs of the building. It is fair to say that those conversations have, at times, been frustrating and progress has been slower than we would have wished, unfortunately leading to unavoidable delays.

We have appointed an architect, structural engineer and project manager which has given us more tangible timeframes, and a planned re-opening in January 2023 is now a more realistic target.

We understand that this latest development may cause you disappointment and frustration but please be assured we working as quickly as possible to provide a safe and reliable centre once it reopens.

We thank you for your patience, dedication, and continued support.

Kindest Regards

YMCA Fylde Coast