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John Cronin has retired from Fylde Coast YMCA after 24 years as its CEO, with a career in the YMCA spanning over 27 years.

John has built a legacy for Fylde Coast YMCA and the communities it serves since he moved to the Fylde area from Merseyside in the late 1990s.

His passion for the YMCA’s mission of allowing communities, young people and families to belong, contribute and thrive is something that has been exemplified in his leadership of the YMCA’s charitable social impact over the years. A passion in which his successor and new CEO, Graham shares.

John epitomises the transformation of individuals in Body, Mind and Spirit and has led the YMCA vision into the development of over 18 YMCAs operating in 22 communities across the Fylde Coast, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and Cumbria.

In his own words, “Over the years, I have certainly gained more than I have given to the YMCA, it has been an honour to serve such an inspiring organisation.”

John, we wish you a long, healthy and happy retirement with your lovely family and your amazing grandchildren. Thank you for everything and we are sure you will be popping in to see us from time to time