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We served 13,697  members in 2018/19 across our 10 leisure facilities.


500,000 visits to our leisure centre timetabled activities


with health conditions have been helped to lead more active lifestyles.


are now safer having learnt to swim through our YMCA swimming classes

4862 NEW people

have become a member of the YMCA.

Our Physical Activity programme changed lives in 2018/19 by…

Supporting individuals to be physically active

Supporting individuals with health conditions

Encouraging active communities


We work tirelessly across communities in Fylde, Wyre and North Lancashire to encourage people, regardless of their age, background or level of ability to become more physically active whether through individual health and fitness programmes or through increasing their uptake of organised sports.

It is not that we have to convince people of the benefits – they already know that if they were more active they are likely to see life changing improvements in both their physical and mental well being. Yet, the fact that at any one time 28 percent of people in England are inactive, i.e. do less that 30 minutes of moderate activity a week, provides us with sufficient evidence to suggest there are a diverse range of barriers both practical and emotional stopping us from getting involved.


Active members

visits to YMCA Bowl

Leisure facilities

visits to our YMCA Air Skate Park

Supporting individuals to be physically active

We do not underestimate how difficult it is for  people to incorporate sport and physical activity into their lifestyle. It takes time, tailored support and regular motivation to get involved and stay involved.

We provide a free 12 week programme with  tailored support for people who are classed as inactive and have at least one health conditions with our        physical activity programme.

I was terrified when I first went to Zumba class at YMCA St Annes but now I’m addicted. The staff are amazing, ‘Zumba Suzy’ is so friendly, supportive and encouraging. I’ve learnt so much from all of them about diet, exercise and my health. Andrew Aged 50

people with health conditions became more physical active

women aged 14 to 40 who previously did little to no exercise have participated in our Y:Women Can sessions

Fitness classes per week are available to our leisure centre members

Supporting individuals with health conditions

We believe it is not too late to start getting active, even if you are already overweight, have high cholesterol or have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease or cancer. We have continued to work in partnership with Lancashire County Council, NHS and charity sector partners to offer a range of GP and other partner referral programmes. We provide tailored physical activity plans to match your health condition.

Weight Management programme

Our clients receive the latest advice around healthy eating, nutrition and the recommended guidelines for daily exercise We know that losing weight and keeping it off is tough, but the Weight Management Programme makes the solution to this problem easy. Through our personalised free 12 week Weight Management Programme and working with our team of experts, we can offer you the support and skills to become healthier, fitter and happier version of yourself.

My activity levels have increased I am walking more in general to shops etc and going up and down stairs instead of lift of escalator. The programme has improved my health and well being because I have more energy, feel much healthier, can sustain activities for longer, breathing much better, look better, clothes fitting better, much happier, easily motivated to do things – “A sense of wellbeing”.

Fylde, Your Move Client

Weight management clients reduced their BMI in 12 weeks

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our free 12 week programme and specialist instructor supports people who have had a heart attack, heart surgery or cardiac procedure to; understand their condition, recover from the attack, surgery or procedure, and make small changes to help increase the health of their heart.

Community members participated in the cardiac rehabilitation programme


of the clients who completed the programme felt more capable of managing their condition

Encouraging active communities

Healthy living goes way beyond just staying active. At the YMCA we believe in the power of positive relationships with our members and encourage them to be healthy in body, mind and spirit. We achieve this through using our facilities, programmes and sports clubs to unite families, friends and communities together, whether through family fun days or local charitable events.


 Community sessions  

Working with our partners across the Fylde and Wyre, we have developed a number of free exercise sessions which are open to all members of the community and have been designed for all abilities.

Sports clubs are hosted by YMCA leisure facilities

people per week attend a local YMCA to enjoy one of the local sports clubs that we host. Some of the sports clubs have been a part of the community for years.

Attendances at our community sports sessions held by Your Move across Fylde and Wyre