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Y:Body, Mind and Spirit

YMCA Lancaster

A little bit about us…

The Y: Body, Mind and Spirit project has received continuation funding for another three years in Lancaster from BBC Children in Need. Our project has shifted the focus on to the emotional health of young people by using exercise as an engagement strategy. If you are a parent, guardian or carer please keep reading to learn more about our project and the benefit it could have on your child. 

Our team work hard to create a fun environment for young people that encourages a positive relationship with their emotional health and physical activity. Over the course of the project your child may feel fitter, have improved sleep, improved concentration, improved emotional health and wellbeing as well as an improved relationship with fitness training.

During the project, our team will help to improve your childs knowledge of food, nutrition, and how this affects their body. By the end of the project young people in Y: BMS are more able to make positive food choices, exercise for longer and recognize good emotional health and wellbeing.

If you are a parent, guardian or carer of a child that would be interested in joining the Y:Body, Mind and Spirit project fill in the form below.

 “I benefited from the YMCA as my fitness improved and made me more calm and judge when to fight or just walk away”. BD

Complete an Enrollment Form for Y:BMS

To be completed by parent or guardian and returned to YMCA Lancaster.

Children and young people will not be able to participate in any Body Mind Spirit activities until this has been returned.

All information will be treated with confidentiality and will not be shared outside of the YMCA. The only people who will see this information are the YMCA staff.

Under 16's must have the form verified by a parent/ guardian/carer and have the parental consent prior to commencement of any activities.

Emergency contact information (please provide 2 different points of contact if possible)

Medical/dietary information

This part of the form aims to highlight any pre-existing health condition or impairment your child may be suffering from that our workers need to know about.

If so, please tick which is appropriate and the YMCA will be in contact to discuss appropriate adjustments available for your child.

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, please consult your childs doctor, either by phone or in person BEFORE your child starts any physical activity and BEFORE your child has a physical appraisal with the YMCA. Explain you have filled in a PARQ for your child and tell your doctor which question(s) you have answered YES.

Just because you have ticked yes in one of these boxes, does not mean your child cannot take part in physical activity. Please seek a doctor’s opinion to the amount of exercise your child can safely take part in. This might mean doing a different exercise all together, or simplifying a target exercise, and building it up as your child progresses.

I accept that by signing this form there is an inherent risk that my child could get injured taking part in physical activities that the Body Mind and Spirit project runs.

Risks will always be reduced and risk assessments in place and copies of these risk assessments can be given upon request.

Photographs and recording

During the project staff will take picture and/or record video. These videos may be used to promote the project either on our social media pages, on our websites or in any YMCA publications. If you consent to your child having their pictures taken please sign below.

Data Protection

In line with new GDPR laws some information we collect may be stored and kept on our files. None of the information you provide will be shared and will be treated with confidentiality. If you agree to us collecting and storing your/your child’s data please sign below