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In 2018/19 we served 12,439 young people across our 4 programme areas in Fylde, Wyre, Lancaster and Cumbria. Our work focused on health, sport, youth work and community based projects.


17,966 hours of support for young people in our supported housing and young people projects


raised £10,450 and volunteered 12,660 hours


received  leadership qualifications on the Y: Youth project



We employ are under 25. We are providing experience, training and qualifications to enhance their future careers.


Our Young People Programme changed lives in 2018/19 by…

Reaching Young People

Enhancing Emotional Health and wellbeing

Improving physical health and wellbeing

We want all children and young people to have access to support and positive activities so they can develop in body, mind and spirit and aim for a bright future. The YMCA offered positive activities that were accessed by a diverse range of young people from all backgrounds. Our specially trained youth workers worked with some of the most vulnerable young people in society and we saw positive outcomes from our 6 youth work projects.

We believe that young people can build a brighter future for themselves with the help of our dedicated staff. We focus on developing the physical and emotional health of young people so they can live a happy and healthy lifestyle. We also seek to develop young people’s resilience so they can cope with life’s daily challenges.

Y:Body, Mind and Spirit

The Y: Body, Mind and Spirit project has received continuation funding for another three years in Lancaster from BBC Children in Need. Our project has shifted the focus on to the emotional health of young people by using exercise as an engagement strategy. If you are a parent, guardian or carer click on learn more about our project and the benefit it could have on your child. 

Young Peopl Group

Reaching Young People

We work with young people in Lancaster, Fleetwood and Carlisle by having a variety of youth work projects. Our targeted outreach project Y:Youth works with disadvantaged young people in Lancaster and  Our Y:Body, Mind and Spirit project at YMCA Lancaster supports young people referred to us by schools or partner agencies to develop their fitness and awareness of nutrition. Tommy’s at YMCA Lofthouse in Fleetwood provides the opportunity for young people to participate in boxing. YMCA Carlisle is providing activities for young people in community centers across Carlisle.

Young People to improve their physical, emotional health and wellbeing

Hours of emotional health and wellbeing support for children and families

Voluntary social hours in the community through NCS

Speech Bubble

Enhancing Emotional Health and Wellbeing

The emotional health of children and young people is being recognised as fundamental to the wellbeing and future prospects of individuals and communities. Good mental health allows children and young people to develop the resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and to grow into well-rounded adults. Our Y:Body, Mind and Spirit project in Lancaster continued to focus on physical exercise, emotional health, diet, nutrition, food and mood workshops, and ways to cope with the pressures of daily life with 88 young people.

Our young people programme was commissioned by Lancashire County Council to deliver an Emotional health and wellbeing early support service across Fylde, Wyre and Lancaster. The service provided preventative and early intervention support to children and young people with low level emotional health and wellbeing needs to enable them to manage challenges safely. Our youth workers worked with partners, schools and parents to support young people


of young people improved their emotional wellbeing or reduced their risk-taking behaviour


have a greater understanding of mental and emotional issues


of our housing residents re-established relationships with family and friends

Healthy Heart

Improving Physical Health and Wellbeing

Our young people projects utilised physical activity as a vehicle to reach people from all backgrounds.  Y: Body. Mind and Spirit (Y:BMS) consisted of one to one sessions, group fitness activities, coaching, personal development, nutrition workshops and cooking sessions. Y: Youth uses community spaces and faciltiies at YMCA Lancaster to encourage young people to become more physically active. Our projects aim to create a fun and engaging environment for young people to use the gym, begin boxing and improve their  fitness.

Children are now safer having learnt to swim at the YMCA.


of young people who accessed our programmes increased their physical fitness.

Y:Youth users improved their fitness, health and motivation

of our leisure centre members across Fylde and Wyre are under the age of 25

Our Y:Youth Project

Y:Youth is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and it is our open access youth project that delivers targeted outreach to some of the most deprived areas in Lancaster. In 2018/19 we secured a further £232,000 to continue to deliver this wonderful programme.

Y:Youth is constantly adapting to the changing needs of young people and the community. Due to cuts in public sector funding our services have been working with more young people than ever. 

Our teams increase access to positive activities and are helping to increase young peoples resilience to peer pressure that would eventually lead to anti-social behaviour.

The support we provide children and young people helps them gain life and social skills that are increasing their ability to perform in education, employment and training

Our Y:Body, Mind and Spirit Project

Y: Body, Mind and Spirit project in Lancaster is funded by BBC Children in Need and it focuses on developing the physical and emotional health of young people who are referred to us from partner agencies.

Our team work hard to create a fun environment for young people that encourages a positive relationship with exercise. Over the project the young people that participated felt fitter, had improved sleep, improved concentration and an improved relationship with fitness training.

During the project, our team improve the young people’s knowledge of food, nutrition, and how this affects their body. The young people in Y: BMS are more able to make positive food choices.

Tommy’s Boxing Club

Tommy’s Fleetwood Club offers a place for young people to engage in positive and diversionary activities, guiding them into becoming responsible citizens. Fleetwood Club for Young People was officially opened in December 2009 and is now managed by YMCA Fylde Coast. The current purpose built premises are located within the YMCA Lofthouse building on London Street, Fleetwood. The club provides an extensive range of activities within a safe, warm and affordable venue for young people Tommy’s has the following amenities:

  • Boxing Ring
  • Youth Cafe
  • Pool Tables and other games
  • Relaxation area
  • Console corner

We also run the following activities:

  • Arts activities
  • Cooking Sessions
  • Indoor Bowling
  • Karaoke
  • Games
  • We also take part in residential activities such as mountain biking, competitions and young leaders training

Plus many more……. Tommy’s is open 3 nights a week and during daytime in the school holidays. All young people aged 8-18 years are welcome to come along and participate in a fun and educational range of affordable activities which provide experiences that have positive effects on their development. Tommy’s Times: Please contact YMCA Lofthouse directly

Boxing Sessions (requires additional memberships):

Please contact YMCA Lofthouse directly

Fees: 50p per session

Yearly Membership: £2.00

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